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An opening note: Thursday November 21, 2002 I was stunned by news of the death of my life long friend Paul Zasadil with whom I had spent most of the day. Not genealogy related but closer to the heart than most will ever know. Click on his name for my eulogy, memory and guestbook of my best friend.

"United We Stand"

Updated Sunday, July 20, 2008

With "All My Loving" I forever dedicate this page to my baby sister who I will miss always.

Debra Marie "Debi"(Jennings) Ganek  March 25, 1954-September 28, 2002   

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"Yesterday" our ancestors laid the foundation to our very existence...and Today     we search for their identity. The following is an effort to sort through the vast amount of information from fellow researchers as well as that of my own research. I do not accept this information as a final answer to my ancestry but rather a collage of building blocks.\

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"One does not live by genealogy alone"

Other Family Interests and Hobbies


MUSIC live music is best” MUSIC


The title of this page, "Yesterday"...and Todayis also the title of the 12th. U.S. album release by the greatest musical group and songwriters of the 20th century, bar none, The Beatles. Though it may not be my personal favorite (or is it?) the title sure fits my genealogy page better than let's say Abbey Road.  Not being much of a memorabilia fan but rather a fan of their music, I applaud the detailed information about The Beatles music and recordings here. 

Being a hobbyist singer, songwriter, guitarist (Ovationand having written some 100+ songs myself (none published I'm sorry to say) I am forever indebted to the music of the Fab Four and the inspiration their melodies gave me. However, one of my compositions (It'll Keep 'Til The Morning) did win an honorable mention award in the 1985/1986 "Music City Song Festival" of which I am very proud.

The "Master of Puppets", Metallica...(my son's {and possibly my wife's} favorite band and I admit, they're good!)

Riding "The Downward Spiral", NIN...(my daughter's favorite artist and Trent is quite the poet.)

Musical Links

 ...find out whom, when and where.

ticketmaster.com home...when and where to buy your tickets.

…Beatles For Sale (search)

...for the songwriter in you.


I believe that BSA is the best youth program in the USA. Having been involved with the program in various roles including Scout Master, I've personally witnessed the amazing power of character building that scouting offers. It teaches great life and outdoor skills and develops a positive level of self-esteem in a young man when he needs it most. My son is an Eagle Scout and again, I am very proud. Parents, scouting needs volunteers and any role you
play, large or small, will make a difference. Oh, I almost forgot to mention... "SCOUTING IS FUN"... Here's a link to our local office, Northeast Illinois Council.

Ok now, I'm out of here. It's time for me to move aside and give the rest of the family their space. But first, I'll leave you with my thought for the day..."Home Inspections, don't ever buy a home without having one done by a trained professional. Illinois license # 450.0002527".



Gardening...television tip courtesy of our family gardener!
Tired of the same ol' thing on television? Try this...




Martial Arts and such...
"brought to you by the "black belts" of the family."

               Hai Dong Gumdo                                                                   Taekwondo                                              Chicago Swordplay Guild

Here is a good site with a general overview as well as the history and philosophy of Taekwondo.





Hidden on the northwest edge of the shadows cast by the "windy city"...D.S. al coda


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